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zope-exuserfolder-0.50.0::AuthSources::httpsAuthSource::httpsAuthSource::httpsAuthSource Class Reference

Inherits OFS::Folder::Folder.

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Detailed Description

Authenticate Users against an HTTPS service 

Definition at line 41 of file httpsAuthSource.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def authenticate
def cacheAuth
def cacheUnAuth
def clearAuthCache
def createUser
def cryptPassword_old
def deleteUsers
def isAuthenticCached
def isUnAuthenticCached
def listOneUser
def listUserNames
def listUsers
def manage_editAuthSource
def updateUser

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string icon = 'misc_/exUserFolder/exUserFolderPlugin.gif'
string id = 'httpsAuthSource'
 manage_editForm = manage_edithttpsAuthSourceForm
tuple manage_properties = HTMLFile('properties', globals())
 manage_tabs = Acquisition.Acquired
string meta_type = 'Authentication Source'
 remoteAuthMethod = authenticate
string ROLES_KEY = '_roles'
string title = 'HTTPS Authentication'

Private Member Functions

def _parseResponse
def _setProps

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary _v_authenticCache = {}
dictionary _v_unAuthenticCache = {}

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