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def zope-exuserfolder-0.50.0::exUserFolder::exUserFolder::manage_editUser (   self,
  REQUEST = {} 

Edit a User 

Definition at line 574 of file exUserFolder.py.

00574                                                   {}):
            """ Edit a User """
            # username=self.reqattr(REQUEST,'username')
            roles=self.reqattr(REQUEST,'roles', [])
            groups=self.reqattr(REQUEST, 'groupnames', [])

            if not username:
                  return self.MessageDialog(self,REQUEST=REQUEST,
                        title  ='Illegal value', 
                        message='A username must be specified',
                        action ='manage_main')

            if (password or password_confirm) and (password != password_confirm):
                  return self.MessageDialog(self,REQUEST=REQUEST,
                        title  ='Illegal value', 
                        message='Password and confirmation do not match',
                        action ='manage_main')
            self._doChangeUser(username, password, roles, domains='', groups=groups, REQUEST=REQUEST)
            return self.MessageDialog(self,REQUEST=REQUEST,
                  title = 'User Updated',
                  message= 'User %s was updated.'%(username),
                  action = 'manage_main')


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