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def zope-exuserfolder-0.50.0::exUserFolder::exUserFolder::manage_userActions (   self,
  submit = None,
  userids = None,
  REQUEST = {} 

Do things to users 

Definition at line 809 of file exUserFolder.py.

00809                                                                       {}):
            """ Do things to users """
            if submit==' Add ':
                  if hasattr(self.currentAuthSource,'manage_addUserForm'):
                        return self.currentAuthSource.manage_addUserForm(self, REQUEST)
                        return self.manage_addUserForm(self, REQUEST)
            if submit==' Delete ':
                  return self.MessageDialog(self,REQUEST=REQUEST,
                        title  ='Users Deleted',
                        message='Selected Users have been deleted',
                        action =REQUEST['URL1']+'/manage_main',
                        target ='manage_main')

            if REQUEST:
                  return self.manage_main(self,REQUEST)
            return ''

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