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      from Products.ZBabel import ZBabelTag

      from DocumentTemplate.DT_String import String
      from DocumentTemplate.DT_Util   import render_blocks, Eval, ParseError
      import string, zLOG

      # fake Babel/Fish Tags

00012       class ZBabelTag:
            '''ZBabel Tag class - The cool translation tag'''

            # define the name of the tag; also tell the system it is a doublet
            name = 'babel'
            blockContinuations = ()

00020             def __init__(self, blocks):
                  '''__init__(self, blocks) --> Initialize tag object; return None'''
                  (tname, args, section,) = blocks[0]

                  self.section = section

00027             def render(self, md):
                  '''render(self, md) --> Do the Translation; return string'''
                  return render_blocks(self.section.blocks, md)
      # register the DTML-BABEL tag
      String.commands['babel'] = ZBabelTag

00034       class FishTag:
            '''Fish Tag class - Short-Cut version of the cool translation tag (babel)

               This tag is used to quickly translate menu-like text snippets, similar to
               the KDE translation.'''

            # define the tag name
            name = 'fish'

            # define additional variables
            literal = 1

            src = 'label'
            attrs = {'dst': None, 'label': '', 'data': None, 'towerId': None}

00049             def __init__(self, args):
                  '''__init__(self, blocks) --> Initialize tag object; return None'''
                  self.section = None
                  args = parseTagParameters(args, tag=self.name)
                  self.args = self.validateArguments(args)
                  for attr in self.attrs.keys(): 
                        setattr(self, attr, self.attrs[attr])
00058             def validateArguments(self, args):
                  '''validateArguments(self, args) --> try to evaluate the passed expression or try to get an object from the passed id; if all this fails, leave the string, it is probably cool!; return tuple of (name, value)'''
                  # I stole this from dtml-let...
                  # SR: Like he said: Always copy existing code to make you life easier (evben though
                  #       I changed some variables around
                  for count in range(len(args)):
                        (name, expr,) = args[count]
                        if ((expr[:1] == '"') and ((expr[-1:] == '"') and (len(expr) > 1))):
                              expr = expr[1:-1]

                                    args[count] = (name, Eval(expr).eval)

                              except SyntaxError, v:
                                    (m, (huh, l, c, src,),) = v
                                    raise ParseError, (('<strong>Expression (Python) Syntax error</strong>:' +
                                                                  '<pre>\012%s\012</pre>\012' % v[0]), 'babel')

                        elif ((expr[:1] == "'") and ((expr[-1:] == "'") and (len(expr) > 1))):
                              expr = expr[1:-1]
                              args[count] = (name, expr)

                  return args
00082             def render(self, md):
                  '''render(self, md) --> Do the Translation; return string'''
                  data = None
                  for name, expr in self.args:
                        if type(expr) is type(''):
                                    data = md[expr]
                                    data = expr
                              data = expr(md)
                        #zLOG.LOG("exUserFolder", zLOG.INFO, "rendering name=%s expr=%s data=%s"%(name,expr,data))
                  print data
                  return str(data)

      # register the DTML-FISH tag
      String.commands['fish'] = FishTag

      import re
      parmre=re.compile('''([\000- ]*([^\000- ="']+)=([^\000- ="']+))''');#"))
      dqparmre=re.compile('([\000- ]*([^\000- ="]+)="([^"]*)")')
      sqparmre=re.compile('''([\000- ]*([^\000- =']+)='([^']*)')''')
      import regex
      parmre=regex.compile('''([\000- ]*([^\000- ="']+)=([^\000- ="']+))''');#"))
      dqparmre=regex.compile('([\000- ]*([^\000- ="]+)="([^"]*)")')
      sqparmre=regex.compile('''([\000- ]*([^\000- =']+)='([^']*)')''')

def parseTagParameters(paramText, result = None, tag = 'babel',
      result = (result or [])

      parsedParam   = parmre.match(paramText)
      dqParsedParam = dqparmre.match(paramText)
      sqParsedParam = sqparmre.match(paramText)

      # Parse parameters of the form: name=value
      if parsedParam is not None:
            name   = parsedParam.group(2)
            value  = parsedParam.group(3)
            length = len(parsedParam.group(1))

      # Parse parameters of the form: name="value"
      elif dqParsedParam is not None:
            name = dqParsedParam.group(2)
            value = ('"%s"' % dqParsedParam.group(3))
            length = len(dqParsedParam.group(1))

      # Parse parameters of the form: name='value'
      elif sqParsedParam is not None:
            name = sqParsedParam.group(2)
            value = ('''"'%s'"''' % sqParsedParam.group(3))
            length = len(sqParsedParam.group(1))

            # There are no more parameters to parse
            if ((not paramText) or (not string.strip(paramText))):
                  return result
            raise ParseError, (('invalid parameter: "%s"' % paramText), tag)

      # add the parameter/value pait to the results
      result.append((name, value))

      # remove the found parameter from the paramText
      paramText = string.strip(paramText[length:])

      if paramText:
            return apply(parseTagParameters, (paramText, result, tag), parms)
            return result

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